Garment Care

Garment Care

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Garment Washing 
We believe there is more quality to washing than mixing your different types of garment fabrics in the washing machine. Sometimes even some spot cleaning can do the trick before banishing your newly bought item in the laundry. Your clothes can last much longer this way and you’re also saving water per wash. All of our care labels request that you hand wash and line dry. Washing your garments by hand with a small bucket of water breathes longevity into threads.  After washing, simply turn garments inside out, shake out the creases, and pop them on a hanger to try and avoid peg marks."Care for your clothes like the good friends they are."

Damage & Repairs

 A lost button or a ripped seam over time sends your favorite garment straight to the graveyard. Although our clothes are carefully manufactured and quality controlled, over time and with some wear your garments may experience a little too much love and you could experience damaging. Some simple hand stitches can patch up a tear, dodgy zippers can be remedied, and buttons are easily replaced. We supply spare buttons with all of our garments and ask a small fee for any repairs. 

"Look after your threads and they’ll look after you."



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